Stucco & Repair

Most  stucco deterioration results from water getting into the structure of your house. There are many paths through which water can enter:

  • Door or window openings
  • The roof or around your chimney (the chimney crown is one of the main water entry areas)
  • Excessive ground water penetrating your foundation

stucco & repair
When water gets in, it will eventually cause your wood to rot, metal to rust and your stucco to lose its bond, pull away, and/or crack.

Once the cause of the deterioration has been found, it may be necessary for other repairs to be done on the building before repairing the stucco. Small cracks may only require a patch with a high siliconized acrylic caulk or “Crack Magic”. Larger patches may need a cement stucco mixture created specially for your repair.

A full stucco repair normally consists of wrapping the structure with a wire lath, then applying a full scratch coat of mortar. A finish coat of stucco is then applied. We use a Pre-Blend Mix to ensure a color and lot match and a consistent mix.