Pointing — Brick and Stone

pointing -- brick and stone

Chimney re-pointing is important to the maintenance of your chimney. When the mortar begins to deteriorate, crack, chip or crumble it will need to be replaced with new mortar. When completed properly, chimney re-pointing will strengthen your chimney and extend its lifetime. If deteriorating mortar is neglected, water will get into your chimney walls and deteriorate it even more.

Mortar may also need to be replaced if a previous re-pointing was done incorrectly or the color does not match. To ensure proper re-pointing, an appropriate mixture will need to be selected for your chimney. The joints will need to be prepared first for it to accept the new mortar. We remove the old joint to ensure a nice deep bed of mortar that will last. The curing conditions for mortar such as sunlight, temperature, humidity, and wind must be taken into consideration as well.

Esthetics is important to us here at Gino C. Barbati Chimney Sweep. We go to great lengths to match the color and texture as close as possible. As mortar ages it exposes some of the aggregate which can change the color. So matching an old mortar joint can be a complicated job, but here at Gino C. Barbati Chimney Sweep we do it on a daily basis.