Chimney Caps


Every chimney needs a cap!

Protection against rain, snow, ice and animals. Water causes the greatest damage to the mortar, porous brick, liner and chimney crown.

Controls any stray sparks that escape your chimney.

chimney capschimney caps

Cap sizes:

8″ x 8″, 8″ x 12″, and 12″ x12″.
Caps can also be custom built to fit your chimney.


Cap finishes available:

Steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminum. They also come with a wire mesh screen for added protection.


Recommended Cap:

304 Lifetime Warranty Stainless Steel Cap with a California Mesh screening. This type of cap is the best in the industry and will serve you for a lifetime.

Based upon thechimney you own we will figure out the best way to mount the cap. The most common being screwed into place against the flue tile. If your chimney flue does not protrude far enough there are models that can be mounted to the inside of the chimney. There are also ways of mounting the Cap with fasteners, lag bolts or cement to the top of the chimney structure.

All-stainless RMR Chimney Caps come to you with a lifetime warranty, regardless of the type of fuel used. All components of these quality RMR Chimney Caps are made of 304-stainless steel with a sturdy 18-gauge base and 24-gauge lid. The chimney cap’s high screen is made of 18-gauge, 3/4″ mesh. Tighten these chimney caps to the single flue with the included pointed, slotted, hex-head set-screws for a non-strip fastening.