Draft Problems

The first step is to have a Draft Test.

There are two main factors that influence your chimney’s performance, Draft and Capacity. Draft is the force behind the airflow and Capacity is the chimney’s ability to handle the flow.

Some causes of poor chimney draft:

  • Chimney is too small
  • Chimney is too big
  • Chimney is too short
  • Chimney is blocked
  • Chimney has leaks
  • Reverse chimney flow or negative pressure problems
  • Inadequate airflow
  • Air being pushed down the chimney (down-draft)


Recommended Draft Solutions:

  • Schedule a Level II Inspection and a Draft Test to determine the problem
  • Have your Chimney swept
  • Have any leaks sealed
  • Extend your chimney
  • Install or replace a Chimney Cap
  • Install a new Chimney