Frequently Asked Questions

What does a chimney sweep consist of?

Gino Barbati Chimney Sweep, Inc sweeps the entire system from the fireplace up and includes a level 1 visual inspection as per the NFPA code book of the of main areas of the chimney with include the firebox, smoke chamber, smoke shelf and flue. We then make specific professional safety repair estimates for and repairs or issues.

How often do I need to have my chimney swept?

According to the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the Chimney Safety Institute of America, after one (1) cord of wood have been burned in the system or at least have it inspected once a year prior to burning. A cord of wood consist a stack 4′ high x 8′ long one log deep.

Why does a Wood Stove insert sweep cost more than a regular cleaning?

Because the insert, which may weigh over 600lbs, must be removed from the fire box to properly clean the system, that is if the insert doesn’t have a liner attached to the port.

How long does it usually take to complete a sweep?

It usually takes 30-45 minutes.

How do we stay in touch with you as a reminder for annual sweeps?

At Gino Barbati Chimney Sweep, Inc we have invested a tremendous amount of time and money in our systems database. We record and scan every scheduled work order for cleanings, every estimate or proposal and we even track your yearly time frames for cleanings and inspections. Our office staff will give you a reminder call or email once per year.

Why does my Fireplace smoke back into the room or my stove smoke back when I open the door?

The most logical explanation is negative air pressure or what is sometimes professionally called the stack effect. There could be other issues though. A certified chimney sweep should be able to diagnose your issues and recommend a problem solving technique to fix it.

What are the most common chimney problems?

Creosote blockage, animals or other obstructions, crackling, shifting of terra cotta tiles, moisture and creosote buildup.

How can I ensure my chimney is safe?

Have your chimney swept and inspected each year, this will identify any problems early giving you plenty of time to make decisions and repairs before the next heating season begins.

Do I need to be home?

Yes. The fireplace, and furnace flue sweeps take place on the inside of the home, and sometimes also from the outside. It is best the homeowner be home so our technicians can explain exactly what we are doing and what also needs to be done.

Should I expect a mess?

No. At Gino Barbati Chimney Sweep, we understand that your home is your castle and we will treat your property with the utmost of respect at all times.

Does my Gas log Burning Fireplace chimney require routine cleaning and inspections?

Absolutely, a routine yearly inspection is imperative in avoiding a potential gas leak disaster. The National Chimney Sweeping Guild recommends an annual inspection.

Smoke backs up into my house when I use my fireplace. Can Gino C Barbati Chimney Sweep, Inc help?

Yes. Smoke problems occur for a variety of reasons. In some cases the fireplace has a poor draw, in other situations smoke travels to other parts of the house through gaps in the liner. In other homes wind blows down the flue we can perform draft tests to determine the next course of action to solve the problem.

How do I know that my chimney and or firebox needs tuck pointing and or rebuilding?

Take a close look at the exterior walls of your masonry chimney. Do you see and cracks? Crumbling bricks? uneven areas of mortar? or noticeable voids and gaps between the bricks or stone work? If the answer is yes or you are not sure, then contact Gino Barbati Chimney Sweep, Inc to provide you with an inspection and estimate for repair of the damaged areas of your chimney inside and out.

I recently changed my furnace and or water heater and now I see water on the floor near my furnace can you help?

Yes, we can definitely help! Most new energy efficient furnaces produce a tremendous amount of condensation that needs to be vented, there are alternative solutions to these complex problems. We will determine your best course of action and stand behind our work.

Does Gino C Barbati Chimney Sweep, Inc. provide other services other than chimney sweeping and furnace flue cleanings?

Yes, at Gino C Barbati Chimney Sweep Inc. we provide a full scale of services including stucco repair or new stucco, re-pointing, and installation of stainless steel liners. We can tackle the largest and most complex problems to ensure your chimney functions effectively and safely.

What kind of wood is good to burn?

Different kinds of seasoned Wood such as oak, cherry, ash and other dense woods are good to burn. The best burning woods need to be as hard and dry as possible. Hickory is the highest quality wood to burn in this region.