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A chase cover is a lid that encases the top of your chimney, like a box lid. This prevents water and debris from entering your chimney, as well preventing animals from entering and nesting in your flue, which inevitably will cause a blockage. Very often when homes are built, these chase covers are made on sight by the home builder. These covers are usually constructed from galvanized metal, and are usually hand molded on sight which does not always allow for the best fit/seal one would want to maximize its performance. A properly constructed cover leads to a properly sealed and waterproof chimney which will ultimately cut down on future problems. For a chase cover to work properly the cover itself needs to be no more than an eighth of and inch larger than the chimney itself, preventing moisture from collecting in your chimney.

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Gino C. Barbati Chimney Sweep, Inc. and American Chase covers manufactures custom stainless steel and copper chase covers to fit any size chimney. We use 24-gauge stainless steel for all chase covers (includes a lifetime warranty). A cross break bend on the top of the chase covers prevents snow and water from collecting on the top and eliminates sagging of the chase cover. American Chase covers and Gino C. Barbati Chimney Sweep, Inc. have welded corner seams and welded collars on all holes. Drip edges are a standard 3″ on all chase covers to shed water away from dripping down the sides of the chimney. We will come out to your home in the morning and pull off the old one. We then bring it to our Fabrication shop and return later the same day with the new Custom Chase cover installed.