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Gino C. Barbati Chimney Sweep, Inc. has been proudly practicing the art of sweeping chimneys for over 20 years. After graduating high school, Gino C. Barbati, Sr. worked with a company doing custom carpentry restoration to historic homes. It was during this time that he was subcontracted by a chimney sweep to do repairs to a home. Gino quickly realized the need for qualified chimney sweeps and immediately opened a part-time business in West Chester, Pennsylvania. In the late-1980s, Ginos operation had expanded, so he moved it to its current facility in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Since the Companys inception, Gino and his staff have taken pride in what they do and they do it well. In addition to quality service, Gino and his team also put in a tremendous amount of time and effort into maintaining the proper certifications (industry requirements) by participating in continuing education and safety courses because safety and customer satisfaction are the Companys number one priorities. Gino and his team are ready to do whatever it takes to maintain the beauty and safety of his customers chimneys.

Dont be fooled by spinoff sweeps to be the best, you need to work with the best.

Chimney and related services its not just WHAT they do its ALL they do at Gino C. Barbati Chimney Sweep, Inc.

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Featured Services

Gas Log Sets

Gas Log Sets require that you already have an existing wood burning fireplace and chimney system. They are available for set up with Natural Gas or Propane systems.

Leaking Smoke

A chimney leaking smoke is a fire hazard. One small piece of burning soot could exit through a crack and set your roof on fire or any surrounding flammable material.

Draft Solutions

There are two main factors that influence your chimney’s performance, Draft and Capacity. Draft is the force behind the airflow and Capacity is the chimney’s ability to handle the flow.

Chimney Caps

Every chimney needs a cap. It is your chimney’s protection against rain, snow, ice and animals. Water causes the greatest damage to the mortar, porous brick, liner and chimney crown.

Chimney Safety Inspection and Repair

A chimney inspection is a simple investment that can significantly reduce the dangers associated with chimneys. The NFPA recommends that all chimneys be inspected annually.

Stucco and Repair

Most stucco deterioration results from water getting into the structure of your house. There are many paths through which water can enter; door or window openings, the roof or around your chimney.

Terra Cotta

Chimney liners of masonry fireplaces are normally built with Terra-Cotta flue tiles. These flue tiles act as a shield from heat but can crack due to thermal shock or chimney fires.

Fireplace Odor

Unpleasant odors from your fireplace can be caused by several conditions. Moisture, rain or snow soaking into your chimney liner and soot deposits are some examples.


A Damper is a plate or valve inside a duct or chimney that regulates the flow of air. It is also used to keep the weather out and cool or warm air in. Some chimneys have a lever or knob that controls the Damper, but in other cases you may have to reach up with your hand or a tool.

Fireplace, Furnace, Woodstove, Wood Stove Insert & Pellet Stove Flue Sweeps

No matter what type of wood or gas fireplace you have, Gino Barbati Chimney Sweep, Inc. sweeps the entire system from the fireplace up which includes the firebox, smoke chamber, smoke shelf and flue.

Woodstove and Woodstove insert installations and relinings

If you enjoy your fireplace but would like to improve its effectiveness, you may want to consider a woodstove insert. It is essentially a woodstove that fits right into your fireplace.

Stone facing

Stone Veneers have become the latest trend as a decorative feature to many internal and external applications. Their popularity is due to natural appearance, textures, light weight advantages and affordability.

Video Inspection/Scanning

A video scan is where we use a camera system which is lowered into the chimney (or pushed up from the bottom). The camera allows us to inspect the chimney from a range of just a few inches.


A common problem with older chimneys is water leaking around the chimney. In some cases this is due to aging mortar in the bricks. Other causes include improper installation of the flashing, settling of the house, or damage to the chimney that can affect the chimney’s flashing, allowing water in.

Chimney Liners

Hidden by the exterior, most chimneys have a liner. A chimney liner can be clay, terracotta, stainless steel or aluminum, depending on the application. A chimney without a proper liner leaves your home unprotected against harmful carbon monoxide gases or fire.

Chase Covers

A chase cover is a metal hood that covers the top of one or more venting systems (chimneys). These covers may begin to rust due to old age, heat from the fireplace or many environmental conditions.

Pointing - Brick and Stone

Chimney repointing is important to the maintenance of your chimney. When the mortar begins to deteriorate, crack, chip or crumble it will need to be replaced with new mortar.

Gino's World:

Chimney Sweeps Prevent Fires

Chimney fire damages home west of Owatonna

RURAL STEELE COUNTY — The heavy snow and blowing winds made it challenging for firefighters to battle a chimney fire at a home west of Owatonna on Monday morning.

First responders were called to 97th Avenue Northwest for the fire at about 8:15 a.m. Monday. Kelly Hanson, fire commander with the Owatonna Fire Department, said the home had a wood-burning stove in the basement and the fire occurred in the chimney.

“There was a major amount of damage to the attic area and the second floor,” Hanson said. “We were able to extinguish the fire quickly once we got the ceilings and walls opened up. I suppose we had it under control within 40 minutes after arriving.”

OFD received assistance at the scene from the Waseca Fire Department, the Steele County Sheriff’s Office and Gold Cross Ambulance. There was only one occupant in the house at the time of the blaze, and that person made it out safely after calling 911, Hanson said.

The home was on a dead end road and travel conditions were difficult due to heavy snow on the road.

“Battling the elements is always an issue. We had heavy snow and high winds that were impeding us in getting things laid out properly,” Hanson said, adding that wind and cold temperatures also made it difficult to battle the fire. “This being on a dead end road, we had numerous traffic problems because we could only get one truck in and out at a time. The alarm came in at 8:18 a.m. and we arrived at 8:32 a.m., which isn’t a bad time, but it could have been a lot better with better roads.”

Hanson said the fire serves as a reminder to residents to have their chimneys inspected annually and keep up maintenance on the chimneys during the year.

STRAIN, AL. "Chimney Fire Damages Home West of Owatonna." Southernminn.com. Owatonna People's Press, 17 Feb. 2014. Web. 20 Feb. 2014.

You may find it odd to hire someone so that your fireplace doesn't produce fire, but if your flue is blocked or your brickwork isn't solid, your house could be in danger. If your masonry is cracked in a wood-burning fireplace, sparks could escape between the fissures and set fire to your house. If your flue is blocked in gas-stove, the carbon monoxide emissions could seep back into the home causing illness, injury, or even death. So depending on how much you use your fireplace, it is always a good idea to get it inspected by a chimney service company at least once a year, preferably during the off-season (spring and summer) so you'll be fully prepared for the fall and winter.

Chimney Sweeps
During the industrial revolution, chimney sweeps were often young boys who were small enough to fit into the smokestack. It was dirty and dangerous work, and many of these children were exploited by their bosses, sustained injury from serious falls, and developed deadly diseases from the dust and carcinogens found in the soot. Of course, times have changed and now with the invention of the vacuum pump, this cleaning process is virtually dirt-free for worker and homeowner alike. However, the need for the process has not changed at all.

Vermin still get in through tops of chimneys. Birds still build nests within the flue. Leaves, sticks, and other forms of debris still drop into the fireplace, creating floating fire hazards and blockage. And soot will always eventually build up along the inside of the flue in excess, possibly creating smoke and ventilation problems. Therefore, whether you use wood, pellets, or gas, chimney sweeps are still more than necessary in order for your fireplace to function properly, efficiently, and safely.

Other Chimney Services
Beyond annual cleanings that remove obstructions from your fireplace, you may want to make sure that your fireplace professional is also qualified to take care of other matters. Though cleaning the unit is sometimes enough, if you hire a contractor that is properly certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (one of the only companies that regulate the chimney service industry) they will be able to inspect for other problems you may have.

Besides blockage, there may be cracks in the masonry, faulty drafting, damaged dampers, broken doors, or worn-out crowns. Chimney service professionals can not only diagnose these problems with thorough inspections, they can also give advice about the next steps one should take. The most common task these professionals carry out is the installation of caps on top of the smokestack to prevent any further intrusions from pests, debris, and precipitation. Other frequent repairs involve waterproofing the masonry or occasionally re-lining your fireplace's interior if necessary.

Many chimney sweeps should be able to fix these problems themselves, but if you don't ask for the inspection it may not be included with just the cleaning. If that is the case, make sure you hire someone else who can conduct a thorough inspection upon cleaning. Some contractors may even have high-tech equipment, such as camera systems, to get in every nook and cranny of the unit. Or they may perform a smoke test (closing off the openings and filling the flue with smoke in order to find any leakage) to make sure you're not breathing in any unnecessary emissions. Either way, if you often use your fireplace, make sure you routinely hire a professional to not only clean your equipment but to also thoroughly examine and fix any problem with the unit in order to avoid other hazards or damage in the future.

Dickinson, Marc. "Chimney Sweeps Prevent Fires." HomeAdvisor.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Oct. 2013.

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